FOW is a simple to use photo album generating tool. It uses Sprite for templating, which is extremely simple to use.


FOW contains just two pages. This screenshot shows the first page which contains options to add images and other options for images.
FOW Image Page

Below screenshot is the second page, containing output options. Select the output directory & output styles.

FOW Output Page

This screenshot shows one of the output generated by FOW. This is a lightbox style which was produced by Lokesh Dhakar.  
FOW Lightbox Sample


Source Files - You need wxPython to compile and execute FOW.
Windows executable - Unzip into a directory. Double click on fow.exe.

Known Bugs

- One have to save the album before generating it. If album is saved after generating, then it messes up the imagelist
- Preview image in the first page doesn't work properly

To Do

- Write more styles (especially SVG)
- Produce previews for all the styles
- Write online & offline help file
- Write a good web page
- Make Executable available

How can you help

-  Help port to Linux/Mac
-  Test FOW in different platform and report bugs
-  This is my first wxPython/Python program. If you are a wzPython developer, you can review the code and suggest better API/logic
- Suggest new features
- Write new, cool styles
- I'm new sourceforge itself. Still finding ways to do things. You can help me in this regards as well.